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Art that connects nature and humans

Production 377 is a multicultural art performance group established by Lee Sun-jae Jay (Lee Min-hyoung), who made her debut as a theater director in a theater company, in the theater district of Daehakro in central Seoul. Soon after she founded her own interdisciplinary theater company Theater Likor. She also enriched her experience as a young director collaborating with multinational artist based in Berlin where she have lived for five years. Since 2018, Production 377 has been researching and studying myths, shamanic rituals, and folk traditions from Jeju, South Korea and different European countries, and applying them to performative artistic creations. Representative works include "Ask the Mask",  “Jeju Hwansanggut, Hwaseojimong,“, “Erasure (Hope) Matters,” and “The (Re)birth of Yeonhui,” which was performed at Shindang, a village community space. And in order to expand this to the world stage, we host the international exchange project “PIDA” (on-offline) festival on the theme of mythology and shamanism every year.
The research and love for the traditional culture, myths and legends of the Korean people are the roots and nourishment of the organization's creation process and activities. Based on this, we will regain the diversity and popularity of primitive art, think more about the role of art as a festival event and as an essential tool to heal our society and our psyche. through it, and develop works that breathe together with the audience without compromising the purity of art. 

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